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Well its been awihle since i've had an issue with my fords that i cant figure out so i forgot my old account.

I have a 99 F450 with dump box, onboard hydraulics for sanding unit and a 9' plow. Everything seems to run fine except when drive down the road the service engine light will seldom flicker and is barely noticable. An employee drove it yesterday(after the problem is about 4 days old) and it was nearly undrivable he said and barely got it back to my shop. I did not ever look at it but i had my guy replace the fuel filter and air filter and now it runs fine again. I went to drive it today and it still flickers but runs ok, as i can tell. Any idea? I would go hook it up to a computer but with a snow storm today i have to run this truck as long as it'll keep going.

thanks in advance, i tried searching for a while but couldnt find anything similar
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