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Facet Goldflo? Polyurethane fuel line?

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I've read about the Facet Dura-Lift and the Facet cheapy fuel pump here, but I see there is a Facet Goldflo that looks like the right specs, only thing that might not be good is it dosen't appear to have a back flow check valve.
I did a search and got zero results for Goldflo.

Also I have read about clear PVC fuel line, but locally I am told that Polyurethane is much better, and won't harden over time. Again, I did a search and found nothing.

Anyone have experiences with either to share?
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Found the brand name for the fuel line is Superthane, did a search and did find three threads, but still surpisingly little!
Yeah I found that site.
I bought the Superthane Ester, not Pneumatic.
It is rated for 185 degrees.
The PVC on that site is rated at 175 like the Pneumatic.
I am going to go back and look at the Viton, thats the same material of the O-rings a member recommended to buy.
Yeah I get it, but the only other material I've seen mentioned on this site is PVC and it is rated for less temp than the Polyurethane.
Everyone talks about clear line and I'm trying to figure out if there is something other than these that is better, or rated for a higher temp.

Speaking of engine bay temps, dosen't that air filter take in hot air.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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