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Factory IDI Turbo Rebuild -Where to find parts?

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Ok I have a 1994 F250 IDI Turbo
After I get my Tax check Im going to Finally Replace my Injectors Thinking of Getting R&D factory injectors
I know my Turbo is eating oil
and I want to rebuild it its a factory
I believe you guys said Garret
were do I find a kit?
Also im planning on Putting in a wicked wheel and Install my Banks Downpipe
With 4 inch exhaust
So with that work should I do Factory or stage 1 Injectors ?
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I had conestoga diesel rebuild my turbo and install a wicked wheel. It was around $800 with the wicked wheel. They painted it and all, did a very nice job.
Funny, i was cleaning up some oil under my intake on my valley pan yesterday and found the tag for my turbo had fallen off. Not sure if that helps you determine what it is

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If i had to do it over again i would have gotten a turbo from R&D, not that there was anything wrong with Conestoga diesel at all, i just would have had the 3" outlet housing and down pipe added since i purchased the banks down pipe at the same time to install. I didnt even realize you could get the upgraded 3" housings from anywhere.

If you only have $700, why not try to find a good used one? If you've never done it before it might not be the best time to try it if you cant afford to fix it if pieces end up in your engine. That is if it's a vehicle you depend on daily.
That's a good price, does it include the injector o-rings, fuel lines and caps?
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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