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Factory IDI Turbo Rebuild -Where to find parts?

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Ok I have a 1994 F250 IDI Turbo
After I get my Tax check Im going to Finally Replace my Injectors Thinking of Getting R&D factory injectors
I know my Turbo is eating oil
and I want to rebuild it its a factory
I believe you guys said Garret
were do I find a kit?
Also im planning on Putting in a wicked wheel and Install my Banks Downpipe
With 4 inch exhaust
So with that work should I do Factory or stage 1 Injectors ?
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the problem with the OEM factory turbo is that the pup pipe castings suck.
from age, they are not a correct fit.
sometimes you can use high temp RTV to seal it, but it will eventually leak.
and with any turbo the exhaust to the turbo is muy importante

theres a member on other forums "typ4- OB, type four-FTE" that exclusively carries the updated castings for the 093.

he also rebuilds turbos.

if you have not done a turbo build by yourself, i suggest sending it to one of the top 3 venders that are IDI exclusive.
or Russ aka Typ4

spent just about 800 tor Russ to build my turbo w/ a WW2, but the castings were about 550 extra.
boy what a difference
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It comes with copper o rings
ive already replaced the Return lines
when you do injectors, at a minimum, make sure you replace the o-rings again
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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