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Fan clutch question...

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I think the stealership is at it again, but before I go back at them with both barrels, I'm looking for an opinion from you guys.

The fan clutch seems to be sticking at startup for a couple of blocks, when the engine temp is low, like below 100 degrees and I take off down the road. The fan starts roaring like it might do when it extremely hot, which its not.

It didn't do it this winter, but now that is hot outside it does this. But the motor is not hot.

The stealership is telling me the this annoying roaring noise is normal. I say BS.

Do other 6.4's do this?
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I was affraid of that! This truck is killing me..:thdown:
Thanks for the feedback. I told the stealership to keep it and fix it. The only time I've heard that noise with any of my other trucks the clutch was bad. I'm trying to sell this thing, now I have one more thing to explain thats typical of this truck.
Its the fan, not the pump I claim issue with. I don't get why it does it when it's not hot. I hang 14-15k off the back (21-23k combined?)and tow to both coasts in summer months, never heard it after it gets warmed up. Cruising slow through my neighborhood when engine temp is low, anyone on the sidewalk will turn around and look at me like whats wrong with your truck... It's the same trailer I pulled with my 2002 7.3. The fan on my 02 would roar only roar with a big load in 100 degree temps and the temp guages stay normal. What wrong with this stradegy?

Since you guys are telling me its the nature of the beast for this truck I will accept that. But I still say it's not right. Its trying to super cool something thats not hot, not even up to running temp. I have a friend with a 2011, I will check with him on this symptom.

Well atleast its drowning out the engine knock/ticking noise that started after my first oil change.:lol:
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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