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Although I have not yet formally tested my FICM with volt meter, my engine shows all the obvious symptoms of a bad FICM.
I've previously discussed this on here & it's been suggested that I send it out to a pro for repair.
That said, I'm an Electrical Engineer by trade, I solder frequently and am very proficient with a reasonable amount of soldering tools available at my disposal. I was really planning on testing it, verifying that it was indeed a bad FICM and repairing it myself, however these tunes sound interesting.
One thing I hate is the spool up time, does this ATLAS 40 really make a huge difference?
I rarely pull anything over 1 ton with my truck, typically it's only what I can fit on my small 5X8 utility trailer, occasionally I'll bum a trailer and haul some wood or what ever up to my cabin in Northern PA, however I'm not coming close to using the full towing ability of my truck.
Is it worth sending it out and having Ed replace components and tune it?
I don't plan on buying a tuner for my truck, it's a grocery getter and I'm not about to drop mega bucks into this (and I don't want to blow it up with a crazy tune), but if I can get a bit more power and make it more fun to drive by sending out the FICM & not sacrifice reliability, I'd consider it.
For the record, it's studded & EGR deleted, those are the main things done to keep it from self destructing.
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