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Filtering WMO with bag filters only

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I am on a VERY limited budget so I am wondering if it's possible to use only bag filters to filter my pre-settled W85 mix. My WMO has insignificant amounts of liquid contamination (water, AntiFreeze)

The ultimate chepo plan is to suck off top of a settled WMO barrel then blend to W85 (or maybe 50/50-60/40 WMO/D2), settle out, use a jean leg filter then a 10 micron poly felt bag, settle more, then a 1 or 2 micron polyfelt bag before going into tank.
Does this sound like it could work without major problems?

I plan on a multiple spin on filter up flow setup when I have the money which I think i can put together for around $100 since I already have some of the components.
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Set your bag filters up so you can back flush them and that will be the end of that expense as well.
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