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Filtering WMO with bag filters only

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I am on a VERY limited budget so I am wondering if it's possible to use only bag filters to filter my pre-settled W85 mix. My WMO has insignificant amounts of liquid contamination (water, AntiFreeze)

The ultimate chepo plan is to suck off top of a settled WMO barrel then blend to W85 (or maybe 50/50-60/40 WMO/D2), settle out, use a jean leg filter then a 10 micron poly felt bag, settle more, then a 1 or 2 micron polyfelt bag before going into tank.
Does this sound like it could work without major problems?

I plan on a multiple spin on filter up flow setup when I have the money which I think i can put together for around $100 since I already have some of the components.
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For that kind of mileage I'd set up some free barrels, stir in the gasoline, let settle until needed and just skim off the top and into the tank. Chances are you'll plug an onboard filter anyway as has happened to most WVO and WMO user I know. Leave the last 5 inches or so in the barrel for the next batch. FWIW I pour clean compressor oil straight into my tank when we change it at work, never had a problem. Upflows, CF's, and staged filters are aimed at much larger quantities of fuel. You only need like 100 gallons a year. Upflow IS controlled settling. Settling after blending should work great all by itself IF you skim the cleanest fuel from the top of the drum and don't disturb the crud on the bottom.
My IDI does not smoke excessively on W85 in stock tune, but it does smoke a little. I get more power and almost zero smoke with the timing advanced 4 degrees. I get normal IDI start up smoke. I also get black smoke on heavy acceleration due to my fuel screw being turned up. The truck runs the same on D2 or W85. In other words tuning is not necessary on the IDI's. I did not advance my timing originally to reduce smoke, I did it for more power and a side benefit was a very clean idle and part throttle.
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