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i take so much from this forum i feel compelled to contribute...2006 6.0 diesel...miles 56,000 ....water filter @ 50,000 ....out of warrenty aug. 2011....soooo out w/ the gold / in with the cat red....
b-4 flush and refil my delta was running between 5=10 (10 when pulling trlr 6,500 pds) average accumulated mph is at 48 mph (not much town driving in the life of this truck) repairs only general maint.

on flushing...pulled lower goo,sand/ or bad folk....removed the thermostat (front and back to casting/used magnet) to pull out the loose bolts rather than drop them really went well as i was not looking forward to this at 90 degrees in the sun.

flushed several times 4 i recall, having drained l. side of block and rad. refilled w/ one gallon of conc. cat ec 1 the rest w/mix.....went on road for test and temp. much the same..but i do feel much better about my out or warranty ford now.

the main point of my post is now that i am done..i researched astm for anti freeze and the was a wild ride and wish i could post a diff. review and absolute take it to the bank on anti seems to me there are many general and use only my brand in my eqpt....( i now have 4 diff. brands on my storage bin)

thanks to all of you folk for your info.
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