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Left NM on 6/22. have been to Arkansas, up to Wisconsin, then to Mt Rushmore in SD, and now on the last leg in Yellowstone. 3200 miles so far.
Pulling a 37' Jayco Designer 5th wheel with a GVW of 13000.

Average mileage is around 12. Have done as well as 14 and as bad as 9 climbing from SD to Billings MT.

Overall the truck has been awesome! I have used my turbo temp gauge to dictate how I drive....OD or not etc. never in the yellow for any extended time. Using a rotate of Howes and Stanadyne on fuel fills.

very happy /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif

now at 97000.....think i am going to wait for the 07....
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