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Howdy Folks!

Today is our first day on the Diesel Stop Forum. We joined for a number of reasons, but mostly because we have recently become owners of a 2013 Ford F350 6.7 DRW 4X4 Crew Cab. The truck sees duty as a Pickup Camper hauler, and to haul construction materials for our retirement projects including rebuilding our home in AZ. With 5300 lb. rated payload on the yellow door sticker, and still able to pass slow vehicles on 2-lanes we're quite impressed with this new truck. It is also very nice for day trips without the camper, since it is incredibly comfortable and quiet - and gets 19 MPG unloaded at 65 MPH. The only modification on the truck is a set of custom made overload springs that level the truck with the Camper in the bed while towing a trailer with a tongue weight of 350 lb.

We're both career-long engineers in the aerospace/space launch industry, and still enjoy engaging our technical skills to exercise our minds and keep busy. The new F350 Diesel Truck experience has resulted in us starting a small business which is one of the other reasons we joined Diesel Stop - we needed a place to try advertising. The crew at Diesel Stop has been great getting us started and we really appreciate it!!

Our full story on this subject is on our company website, where you can read all the details of our attempt at entrepreneurship and find our products including an easy way to purchase them on eBay or the website (links to the eBay auctions are included in the blog). We do all the work ourselves. We make our flexible spouts, clean and label our DEFJUGS, purchase and weigh out pure automotive grade urea, and package and ship from our recently built clean work area in our homes. We offer an affordable way to have your DEF tested for urea concentration using a laboratory grade instrument by sending you a sample tube and return envelope. We provide the results via email after testing in our small lab.

We're proud to offer what we think is a safer way to carry reserve DEF on your vehicle that is also easier on the environment by using local supply of distilled water from your grocery store. We also have come up with a flexible spout that makes it easier to dispense DEF in your vehicle (fits most jugs on the market), and also offer the only cleanliness and drop tested ISO 22241 compliant REFILLABLE container specifically for DEF available on the market today.

The other reason we joined Diesel Stop is that we have learned a LOT about Clean Diesel Technology in the last year and wanted to share the information in a way that might help others to understand their newer diesel truck. We have no association with truck manufacturers, or engine builders, or other OEM associations or petroleum/DEF manufacturers and distributors - just a couple of retired engineers who enjoy working together and have a small talent for research and problem solving. I guess it helps that I'm a life-long gear head and enjoy working on anything automotive related.

Thanks for including us in your Diesel Stop discussions, and as always, please consider us your technical resource for questions on Clean Diesels and DEF.

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