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Fix your fuel leak from filter drain valve

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I imagine that you guys down here in the basement are having troubles with fuel leaks like the superduty crowd is. I just posted some photos that may help out with this.

Here's some pix of a 94-97 van filter drain valve.

Auto part

Auto part Hardware accessory


Personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment

Or you can go to my album that has more pix (hit the max of 5 inserted in a post) and some notes about disassembling the valve.

94-97 Fuel Drain Valve - TheDieselStop.Com Photo Hosting
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You will get more and faster help if you post down in the regular forums. As far as the leak yes you can replace the sensor or if you would like just remove it and put a pipe plug in its place. If you plug it off just remember to drain the housing every now and then to keep water out of the injectors.

What did he say was wrong with them? At one time you could buy the drain assembly from Ford and replace the whole assembly but I am not sure if it is still available. The only problem that I have heard with the fuel bowl or filter housing is pitting on the bottom of it to where it will start to leak in which case some have cleaned it real well and then placed JB Weld on it to seal it for while. If you do need to replace it I would suggest to get a hold of Mike R at Tousley Ford Parts Depot at 1-800-328-9552. They are a sponsor on the site here and sell parts at cost + 10% and should be able to help you. As far as replacing the housing or fuel drain if you can turn a wrench you should be able to replace it with no problems.
1 - 2 of 67 Posts