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Fix your fuel leak from filter drain valve

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I imagine that you guys down here in the basement are having troubles with fuel leaks like the superduty crowd is. I just posted some photos that may help out with this.

Here's some pix of a 94-97 van filter drain valve.

Auto part

Auto part Hardware accessory


Personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment

Or you can go to my album that has more pix (hit the max of 5 inserted in a post) and some notes about disassembling the valve.

94-97 Fuel Drain Valve - TheDieselStop.Com Photo Hosting
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Hey everyone!

Sorry for bringing up an old thread, but I'm having a very erratic fuel leak that might be related to this and would like some help if possible.

I have a 2000 E350 with a 7.3 and every once in a while I will get a leak. Sometimes a small puddle after running it, some times, just a little spot on the ground and sometimes a gusher. I've found that with the gusher it is filling the valley under the turbo, but I cannot get the damned thing to leak when I have the dog box off. I cannot see any signs of a leak anywhere. Just wondering if anyone that has done this repair to the o-rings had the same type of symptoms? I need to fix this soon as fuel is too expensive to let run on the ground.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Thanks for the reply!

I finally got a chance to see the leak as it was actually happening, now to just figure out where at the fuel bowl it's leaking. This thread is very helpful. Thanks guys!
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