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Thanks for having me. im into justabout anything that has wheels and have the licences too! Iwas born into this illness of vehicle modification restoring at 14 (because I kept dragging mowers put out for trash fixing them and selling.My dad (best father you yould have had )I miss him every day,heard co worker had an old chevy for sale and my dads great friend was a wrench ) so I wound up with a 64 Impala ss 327 250 perfect interior ad body did a lot of learning on my own ,and can appreciate long sidesyou had to flip them in 1984!but Led Zep Phusical Graffitti was the winner (when igot married Iwalked downt aisle to the acoustic piece Bron-yr-aur playrd by a buddy .IM a major guitar nt of 37 of my 45 years .Vacuumtubes rule!
ON FORUMS I POST AS I THINK GRAMMAR<PUNCTUTAITON <SENTENCES ,PARAGRAPHS ETC I JUST LET FLY IM NOT UN EDUCATED ITS JUST MY TYPING SUX NOW THAT I HAVE BAD CARPRELTUNNEL AND HAD MRSAso nobody wants to operate on me so it is what it is but im my cut short career I wash a ighway conrucition inspector For the NJDOT so ibuitl a lotof roads
but why im her withou guys I was raised on ford trucks and had a slew ofm 73-79 dent sides ( had2 short bed 4x4sboth killer) and cracker box broncos <*** who knew they would blow in price !had a 77 all the great options ps disc brakes putn a t18 in it in 88 in Hs autoshop !and a np205
I was not a richkid . iworked at pepbpys allot in hs to pay ins.but it was my dads work ethic 62 -02 nj bell tell /Verizon. but been looking for a truck off and on so im here I came in on a kinda 2fer maybe but the trucks are cosmetically challenged bad both 01*02 7.3 diesels auto trans 4x4 air but vynl interior bu towned by a const co good and bad the records are there from day one and the dirty side looks better than the shiny side .actually they have 3 pickups and 3 f800s with allisons and I think onetruck has over 100k!!!!!!!!the one pu has 80k the one f800 has 70k stupid low miles on all but thepickups supposedly have lessto little rot just dents and construction **** .the f800 sthey have a state contract to plow snow or the lesser salt spreader this is wht these guys did v box slidein units .plus I kinda know guys at that co that worked elsewhere it s amall ponh heavy highway I might have accessto a lot of cool iron I want to build a truck for me even stock ride height isscool and maybe sell parts if I gotta buy 2 to make one by I neeed a bed but anyhow it seems cool here I lurked here for a bit thanks for having me
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