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So, does ANYONE know where the K26 relay is?
I think I have to rewire the fog lamps for a 2003 F350 and 2004 F250.
Just for giggles, maybe someone knows the answer to this other question. Installed HIDs on the fog lamps. Everything as far as the HID kit works, except that both lamps won't stay on. If I swap everything from one side to the other, everything works. I tried with just one light and one ballast connected at a time, they work. It's only when both are hooked up that one shuts off or they both shut off. Here's the question- Why? and the follow up- How do I rectify the problem?
I was planning on running 16ga wires from the relay to the lamps in case the harness is the problem. BUT, can't find the relay.
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