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FOKISD at Thunder In Indy!

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Friday - Monday, June 23rd to the 26th, 2006
Make your reservations NOW for FOKISD's DHRA Campout!
At the Greenfield, Indiana KOA
We will be hosting a Summer Mini-Rally in conjunction with the DHRA Diesel Nationals for the first time. The KOA is located on the east side of Indianapolis, while IRP is on the west side, about a 30 minute drive. We have stayed at this KOA in the past and it is very nice, very clean, and they will allow us to build our traditional bonfire! The atmosphere is family oriented, so if you plan on partying hard, you may want to stay at one of the DHRA sanctioned hotels (see their site). Our group will be in the #24(sewer) and #37 rows at the campground. We will arrive on Friday afternoon/evening. Saturday and Sunday we will caravan over to IRP around 830am and return to the campground for dinner (maybe?). Some of us will be staying until Monday so we don't have to pull out after a long day at the track.

Call the KOA at 1-800-562-0531 and make your reservations now! Make sure you tell them that you are with FOKISD Truck Club so that you can be grouped with us and get the group discount.

For links and details, go HERE and scroll down a bit.

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I just wanted to thank the FOKISD club for their hospitality. Robb,Judy, Bob,Cheryl(sp), Mike,Heidi, Gary,Cindy, and the kids. They invited my family into their group and treated us like long time friends even though we had never met before this weekend. We had a great time and really appreciate you treating us so kindly. So thanks again and hope to see you guys again. Gene, Vicky, Alex, and Mikayla Emmons. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif

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Thanks Gene! It was nice to meet you and your family. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/warmsmile.gif
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