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Ford-Doctor or any diesel service rep

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I have a question regarding an ambulance we have. The ambulance is an econoline 350 with the 6.0 diesel in it. It has approx 39,000 miles on the odometer. We had the oil pump on the truck go out within 4,000 miles
and now again at 39,000. What is the warranty on a repair is it 12/12 or the 36,000 mile warranty. Does the 100,000 mile warranty apply to the ambulance package on the 6.0 diesel.

Ian (Paramedic, Tx)
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It is an '05 with a 6.0. It has the ambulance prep package. Our local Ford dealer says its not under warranty, what gives? How do we remedy this problem.


[/ QUOTE ]He is definately Full of Crap.I've Dealt with Ambulances and Ford warranty with Diesel issues all the Way back to the 6.9 and It was The same Basic Eng warranty as it is today 5ys -100,000 whatever hits first.Never a question.Unless the Coach Builder is Not Ford approved which I highly doubt there shouldnt be Any problem.
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