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I guess you'll have to either make an exception to your 10th birthday rule and buy one while there are still any left, or wait 10 years to buy the hybrid. Or maybe in 11 years buy the all electric.
I'd recommend against any hybrid or full-electric at that age. The battery replacements are seriously expensive. I've owned a 2006 Escape hybrid and a 2010 Prius. The 5-7 year battery life was the end of each.

I have >41K miles on my diesel F-150, with close to 20% towing 5000lb and 8500lb travel trailers, but I love the idea of a full-electric F-150. It should be excellent for commuting or local work if electric prices are reasonable and capacity remains available.

With that said, my next truck will be a Super Duty PSD, for the towing, and for the 48 gallon range.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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