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Why Replace When You Can Upgrade? :ford:

For the 7.3L Excursion & F-Series 1999.5-2003 PowerStroke Diesel.
Are you ready to feel the performance of Garrett inside? With the Garrett PowerStroke "PowerMax" Turbo Kit you will experience Garrett's GT ball bearing technology work to give you unbelievable power to push your truck to the limits!

A Garrett exclusive ball bearing cartridge for unbeatable response, efficiency and durability,

Elimination of the thrust bearing eliminates failures at elevated boost levels.
The 88mm GT compressor wheel provides 33% more flow than the stock 80mm wheel.
Ported shroud housing improves compressor flow range for surge control and increased choke flow.

1.00 A/R turbine housing for free flowing exhaust with reduced back pressure and up to 200º reduction in exhaust gas temperature.

Maximum recommended boost level is 40psi.

The GTP38R Turbo Kit P/N 739619-5004S PERFORMANCE
(0-60, Horsepower, Torque)
Stock ~ 11.0 seconds, 208, 410
PowerMax ~ 7.9 seconds*, 280, 550
*with performance chip

This Information is straight from Garrett - The chip is added because without it, the turbo would not work to its full potential.

Here is the link to the site page
Ford PowerStroke Turbo Turbocharger High Performance

Here is also a link to our core policy page.
CORE POLICY :: Midwest Fuel Injection /
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