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Ford Turbo Diesel CUMMINS in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, etc.

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Now, that we've got this far with our truck - despite all the problems past and current - I thought it could only get easier, since there are tons of FORD Diesels rattling along the highways and through the cities - - - until I had to pay a little over $90 just for an oil filter!

I thought that the guy at the garage had ripped me off, so I first went to a spare parts dealer with the specs of our filter, and he was asking even $20 more... So next I stopped at FORD - and low-and-behold: all FORD trucks here, called F4000, are delivered with a CUMMINS Diesel...

Great - still no parts for my International engine - so why is it actually called "International" if you can't get any spares internationally???
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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