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Ford's initial offer

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Hey Everyone,

What do you think of Ford's comments and offer:


We (Ford) will have expert witnesses that will testify that the Modifications to your truck (donahoe racing suspension lift- 4 1/2 inch front and 2 inch in the rear) was the cause of your problems. Also the high level of Centain (unknown spelling) in diesel fuel was the cause for loss of power and diesel odor coming through vents. They admitted my truck has been a nuisance (over 100 days in the shop) and offered ---- Cash payment of $8500 for my troubles and I keep the truck.

My opinion:

I lost confidence in my truck. The $ will not make up the difference of current value and purchase price of next vehicle.

Has anyone got a low-balled initial offer and ford came back with a better offer later?


Other than the suspension and spray in bed liner, my truck is in mint, stock condition. (Ford's engineer made comment on how nice the truck was). My suspension installer will testify that the lift did not cause my engine problems. I have brought my truck in 7 times now for loss of power, 8 times for fumes, several for oil leaks and I have well over 100 days in the shop. The day I picked it up after ford's engineer inspected the vehicle (nothing found wrong), I drove straight home and parked it in my driveway, as I walked by the front of the truck, I noticed a fresh drop of fluid. I crawled under the truck and noticed the transmission cooler lines into the radiatior were leaking both sides. I brought it back to the dealer with less than 4 miles from pick up mileage. They found the leak and repaired it. Either engineer caused the leak with his inspections or he's blind for not seeing it. One ocassion, I was pulling out of a parking lot and my loss of power happened and I was almost hit by on-coming traffic. (Safety concern)

I own my truck (completely paid off). I am not hurting for money in anyway. I was told trial would not be scheduled until after 7-27-06. I am in no hurry. My problems started at 800 miles (documented by invoices). I have nothing to gain by jumping at the first offer. I would like a replacement truck and refund of cost of lift and spray in liner. I don't want pain/suffering $. BTW --After 2 years of complaining about the fumes/odor coming through the vents, two weeks ago my dealer did a smoke test for the first time. I had a "decent" size leak out of the right side exhaust manifold. They replaced the manifold and put on a gasket. Would the dealers and ford be liable for the exposure to the fumes and not doing the smoke test as the TSB suggests?

Any help/opinions will be greatly appreciated.

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Wow, this is a tough one. I would say if you are in no hurry, you are not happy with offer, and you have the means, then wait it out and pursue the issue. That is what it sounds like you want to do. Diesel fumes is a serious issue, so even if you took the $8,500 you would still have to take the truck to a diesel specialist to get it fixed. Good luck bro.
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