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Found a 2006 F250 Diesel, looking to purchase

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I found a 2006 diesel that I have test drove and inspected. The guy used the truck occasionally and it only has 35,000 original miles. He took great care of it body wise, not a single spot of rust or paint fade, etc. He told me what he did engine wise, always used amsoil, always changed fuel filters at 10k, always ran fuel additive, etc etc. So I asked a couple friends and some are telling me the 6.0's are nightmares. I've searched and searched and read some of the horror stories, but should I be concerned with this truck and the sitting it has done? It has around 1300 hr's on the engine. I know in the gas world sitting can be one of the worst things you do to a car. Any opinions before I make this purchase would be appreciated.
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Just go in realizing that there are bulletproofing modifications you will need to make to achieve the reliability you are used to with your 01. Expect to do studs, EGR delete/upgrade and FICM mods. If you go in with your eyes open, you've found a wonderful truck. If you expect it to go for a half million miles with no modifications, be prepared for some heartache.
Yes. First thing you need to do is flush the cooling system, switch to an ELC coolant and put a coolant filter on it. That's 90% of the battle. Do the blue spring update to get your fuel pressure corrected. Then start saving for studs and a bulletproof EGR cooler or delete. You need a tool like ScanGauge II to monitor your ECT/EOT delta, but with that mileage I imagine you are ok.
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