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I took third place, they have me listed as a Dodge. I get no respect. Snapped a L/R axle when the sled transfered all the weight.


Matt Cooper Portersville, PA Chevy FP

Brad Deeter Cooperstown, PA Dodge 298.87

Kevin Barr Morgantown, WV Dodge 298.03

Eddie Volker New Eagle, PA Dodge 297.13

Justin Garwood Columbiana, OH Dodge 295.57

Bryan Brown Meadville, PA Dodge 293.11

Dean Steinel Randolph, OH Dodge 287.19

Calvin Miller Guys Mills, PA Dodge 286.02

Josh Bradick Townville, PA Dodge 285.24

Bill Marstiller Mogantown, WV Chevy 284.97

Vince Aftuck Scio, New York Dodge 284.88

Patrick Cathan Chardon, OH Ford 284.61

Dale Bennett Salem, OH Chevy 282.09

Matt Erman W. Lafayette, OH Dodge 282.0

Scott Blair Coshcoton, OH Dodge 274.74

Jeff Harting N. Kingsville, OH Dodge 259.89

Mike Meclem Fredonia, PA Ford 259.12

Brent Shick Oak Ridge, PA Dodge 249.56

Todd Glass Enon Valley, PA Dodge 248.35

Robin Aftuck Scio, New York Dodge 238.29

Cody Burkhardt Franklin, PA Dodge 237.86

Adam McCanlis New Galilee, PA Ford 215.48

Dan Lang Slippery Rock, PA Dodge 211.32

Charles Powell Mayport, PA Dodge 178.82

Joe Erickson Atlantic, PA Ford 148.71

Charles Frantz Townville, PA Dodge 147.91

Bill Bowser Mayport, PA Dodge 40.52

Ryan Banik Townville, PA Dodge 5.6

Jeff Weimer Somerset, PA Dodge 3.59

Matt McCullough New Galilee, PA Dodge BROKE

Tyler Martin Saxonburg, PA Ford SCRATCH

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Thanks here's a clip from FPP web site.


One of the fastest-growing classes in pulling is now the Diesel Pick-Up division. And with over thirty of the machines on hand at Mercer Raceway Park , this was a tremendous shoot-out for the new USA-EAST point class. Fords, Dodges and Chevrolets all competed, but on this night the GM Duramax powered Chevrolet of Matt Cooper from Portersville , Pennsylvania (photo) took home the trophy. Second went to Brad Deeter with a Dodge/Cummins from Cooperstown while third place was the vastly improved Ford machine of Kevin Barr from Morgantown , West Virginia .

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Ya, congrats!!! Too bad you cant run with Northwest this summer so there are more the 2 Fords trying to run with the Dodges.

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Matt Cooper - Portersville, PA - Chevy - FP

[/ QUOTE ]
and a Duramax beats out 30 other trucks to win the class with the only Full Pull /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif
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