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2008 Ford F350 Super Duty, 4 Door, Longbed DRW 4x4 with 6.4 motor and Manual Transmission.

I am not sure if this has been addressed yet, (over 51 pages of response to look thru), but I have a Diesel leak at my frame mounted fuel pump. I will be removing it shortly to assess where the leak is. My issue is that I have a modified motor that pulls like a beast, (not sure what has been done either), and I have what appears to be a fuel starvation issue that appears only when I get on it often. After stepping on it a few times, the truck will start to bogg down whenever I try to apply the fuel peddle and does not go away with regular driving. The issue can be resolved by stopping, shutting the truck down and then restarting it. I am not sure which fuel pump is at fault but what I was thinking is that if in the process of fixing the Rail mounted fuel pump leak that I have,,,,, by upgrading that fuel pump to one that produces more GPH, may fix the problem, which means that I can kill 2 birds with one stone. Any thoughts on what would be causing this problem or which fuel pump is at fault would be greatly appreciated?

The truck has 380k miles on it but the motor has only 40k from a complete rebuild and the Manual transmission has 13k miles on it from a complete rebuild. I have also bought the Banks "Big Hoss" package w/Dual Exhaust, and have already installed the Air box and Inter-cooler. The exhaust is next and then the Banks IQ 2.0 computer and wiring harness will be installed to finish the upgrade. I bought the truck with the Cat and DPF already removed, and a muffler had been installed on the remaining pipe. Because of this, I will need to get, (or fabricate), a "test" pipe to fill the gap left by the missing CAT/DPF in order to complete the Banks exhaust installation.

I do not know if the EGR has been deleted, (remind myself to take a look), but if it hasn't then that will likely be the next mod.

My intended purpose for this truck is to haul my 5th wheel Toy Hauler around as well as a daily driver that has a lotta spunk, LOL. What I am looking for is as much reliable power as I can get, along with better fuel economy and performance whenever I need them.

What I am looking for is any advice from all of you seasoned pro's on what I should or shouldn't do with this truck. Sort of a learning curve from those of you that have tried stuff that either worked or did not work,,,, so to speak.

Thanks ahead of time for any input that you may have...

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