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Freedom of expression, if it's the right kind

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A reasonable response to a criticism by a Moderator, made by e-mail, was posted and was read by 12 persons in 10 minutes. It was then wiped because the moderator didn't agree with it. Now we know. I wonder how long this one will last. Maybe 10 readings. Moderation or censorship?

Say what you want about Bill Clinton no matter how abusive or distorted, but don't make a reasonable and measured response to a Moderator, or the axe drops.


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And I was so looking forward to reading the responses on that thread!
. People, don't let me down here on this one!

Maybe the issue was it was sent to you via e-mail, and you named the sender (even though you did not post the e-mail). Maybe if you would have posted the content of the message and not the senders name, it would have been different??? I seem to recall Jason doing this once when he got an e-mail he did not like. He posted the e-mail, but not the senders name.

Or, maybe we should not post any stuff sent to us by e-mail as it is obvioulsy meant to be one-on-one.

Gimme your thoughts here Frederick.
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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by kreynol2:

I have always thought that, no matter the legalities, if someone sends something to you via e-mail, it is meant to be a private correspondence and unless the sender makes it public, it should remain private. Nothing anyone sends me ever becomes public unless the sender makes it public.


Hey Kevin, I agree with you! Now you can't say that people never agree with you
. You need to change that to People hardly ever agree with me...
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