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Frigidaire Freezer Problem

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This weekend I noticed that my Frigidaire side by side freezer was not freezing. Unit is only 8 months old, so just trying to check the simple stuff first before I wave the warranty flag.

Freezer stays in the low 20s. Unit has a digital thermostat for temperature control. Every once in a while it will lie and say it's a 0 or -6, but it's not. Popsicles aren't frozen solid. The refrigerator is holding steady at 36 no problem. I've pulled the back panel off. Coils are as clean as day one. I can hear the compressor kick in from time to time, so I think that's working.

The freezer is staying cold, but it's not freezing anything. And it's not making ice because of this either. Anybody guess what to check? I've unplugged it a few times in hopes of resetting the computer. We're leaving town tomorrow and will be gone for a week. Would like to not have to empty the thing before we leave. Did I mention that wife is paranoid about this ? (happened to her 3 times past).
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If the display is telling you that the freezer is colder than it actually is, the problem is most likely electronic. Most modern refrigerators are computer controlled (silicon is taking over the world) In place of the old thermostat that directly turned on the compressor when it got to warm, New 'fridges have sensors that tell the computer what the temp is, and then the computer tells the compressor or circulating fans to come on or turn off as needed.

If the temp in the freezer rises too high, it turns on the compressor, and if the temp in the refrigerator side gets too high, it cirulates cold air from the freezer into it to cool it off. That's probably why the 'fridge side is cool enough, but the freezer side isn't.

If the sensor is telling the computer that the temperature is 0 degrees, it isn't going to tell the compressor to come on regardless of the actual temperature.

It is posible that the sensor is iced over, and therefore getting a flase reading, but my first guess on a new unit would be a bad sensor.

For what the opinion of a truck driver is worth....

(Oh, and be nice - save firm for when you need it.)
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