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Frigidaire Freezer Problem

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This weekend I noticed that my Frigidaire side by side freezer was not freezing. Unit is only 8 months old, so just trying to check the simple stuff first before I wave the warranty flag.

Freezer stays in the low 20s. Unit has a digital thermostat for temperature control. Every once in a while it will lie and say it's a 0 or -6, but it's not. Popsicles aren't frozen solid. The refrigerator is holding steady at 36 no problem. I've pulled the back panel off. Coils are as clean as day one. I can hear the compressor kick in from time to time, so I think that's working.

The freezer is staying cold, but it's not freezing anything. And it's not making ice because of this either. Anybody guess what to check? I've unplugged it a few times in hopes of resetting the computer. We're leaving town tomorrow and will be gone for a week. Would like to not have to empty the thing before we leave. Did I mention that wife is paranoid about this ? (happened to her 3 times past).
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There isn't much you can do with it that would correct the problem. Its under warranty so let the manufacturer worry about it. That perticular model has a very complicated control system to it, nothing like the old thermostats, so its best left to the guy that knows what he is doing.
Don't be firm, there is no reason to. Its under warranty, not working properly, and the warranty contract states a Frigidaire authorized servicer will repair the unit. Call them out and they will take care of it. Its not like your freezer is going to be any different then the 10 other brand new appliances the guy has had to fix that day.
Being very firm or demanding will do nothing but make it worse for yourself. trust me on that. When I get those people I put them off as long as I can, and when I find out the problem was actually something they caused themselfs or was in one way or another something not covered under warranty (you'd be suprised how often it happens) they are the ones that get charged full bore for the house call. If its a nice person and they are not demanding to know why their brand new expensive appliance isn't working right, those are the ones that get the good service and don't get charged for customer education calls.
Thats probably exactally what he is going to find.
Worst case...a low refrigerant charge or low side leak because that will also do exactally what he is describing. Its not all that common on Frigidaires, but still happens from time to time. I may get 2 of them a year.
Also the sensors are actually thermosters. If you have the model I'm thinking of there is 2 in the refrigerator and one in the freezer. They are supposed to be cliped in to this hole so the temperature has to soak in to it if you know what I mean. if they fall out (which they very easilly do, commonly too) it will run too warm because the thermistor is geting evaporator air blowing directly on it. If the digital readout for the freezer reads 0* and its actually running at 20*, thats could be what happened. If its saying 20* on the display there is a reason why the refrigeration system can't get it cold enoufgh. The controller knows its not cold enoufgh so it will run non-stop to try and get the temp down.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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