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front axle!!!

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ok..a freind pointed out to me that my drivers front tire is angled in at the top...he just replaced what he called a unit bearing behing the hub on his truck...cost for the part was over $400....we jacked up my front tire and it wigled back and forth...prolly 3/4 of an i screwed? far can i drive like this...the passenger side is fine.....

oh yea...its a 99.5 f250 powerstroke supercab....
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It is probably a bad hub, it is a common problem on Fords and GMs.
There's very little you can do about it except change it. Some electric coops just have a hub replacement as scheduled maintenance every 100,000 miles. You can normally buy a new hub for less than $300, you don't need too my tools to do it. And if it is not 4wd, you don't even have to mess with the driveshafts.
Some bolts get caught really good though, so a good impact wrench makes it easier and faster.
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