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front axle!!!

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ok..a freind pointed out to me that my drivers front tire is angled in at the top...he just replaced what he called a unit bearing behing the hub on his truck...cost for the part was over $400....we jacked up my front tire and it wigled back and forth...prolly 3/4 of an i screwed? far can i drive like this...the passenger side is fine.....

oh yea...its a 99.5 f250 powerstroke supercab....
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just a hub? hub looks fine...of course i havent torn it apart yet...but my friend just had to replace a bearing...he used his old hub...also,..i plan on a 8 hour round trip road trip this this an emergancy to get fixed or will it be fine untill i get back?...i wont be pulling anything or using 4wd...
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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