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Front end parts needed

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I have a 97 F350 Dually 2wd. The front end needs a bit of rebuilding and I am in need of a pair of radius arms. Mine are pretty corroded and flaky. I checked with the dealers and places like Silver State. Everyone says they are discontinued. Does anyone have an idea where to find these? Junkyards around here all are out or are in worse shape than mine. Any help would be appreciated.
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not a lot of 2wds up in the part of the country but i can give you a couple phone numbers to try
hopewells in kindred, nd 701-428-3602
7th ave auto salvage, fargo nd 701-282-5130
hazers west fargo nd 701-282-0441
dakota wrecking minot nd, 701-838-2842

that or try junkyard dog or some search engine like that
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