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Front fuel tank not working

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hey guys, new to this forum and hoping I can get some help. I just recently bought a 1993 F-350 xlt crew cab long bed off a fire house and its only got 35,000 miles! I love the truck and it runs great. however the front fuel tank doesn't work. what is happening is when you switch to "front" on the selector it will run for 10 seconds then the fuel filter light will come on and it will stall (if you let it)... any suggestions would be GREAT!!!
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Does the gauge respond to the switch? If so, the selector valve probably IS working. How much fuel is in the front tank?
Actually, if the gauge is reading correctly, the selector is probably good. It's the physical movement of the valve that changes the contacts for the gauge. OOOps, I should've posted a link to the diagram last time - - it's for a PSD but it's pretty-much the same. First thing I'd check is the supply line between the front tank and the selector. But it wouldn't hurt to remove the selector and test it with a 12V battery or power source (just keep reversing the polarity - see diagram), and testing the port flow with some air.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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