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front hub/bearing flange??

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I have a quick ? about the flange thickness of the front hub on a 2001 f-350 .....the part that the wheel studs go through I was told there are two different thickness 10mm or 13mm didnt know there were two differnt types?????? my guess would be pre 99.5 or after 99.5

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The front hub would be thinner there on a 2001.

In the middle of March 99, Ford increased the thickness of the rotor mounting flange, and decreased the corresponding thickness of the hub where the rotor mounts to keep the wheel in the same place. This was supposedly to keep the brake rotors from warping. The only difference in the early and late hub and rotor combination is the location of the mating surface of the two.

Usually, the parts stores only carry the later hub/bearing assemblies, and you have to go to Ford for the earlier one.
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