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Frontal Trailer Area

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Don't let a trailer salesperson tell your truck will easily pull a trailer without calculating the frontal area of a trailer. A large frontal area makes a hugh difference when towing a travel trailer, fifth wheel or toy hauler. It can be like pulling a large sheet of plywood down the road if your truck is under powered.

Trailers like small U-Hauls, empty flat bed trailers, cargo trailers, horse trailers, some boats, not have much frontal area and tow easier compared to towing a RV. Plus, a large side area on a RV makes a difference when pulling in strong cross winds.
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Just be sure if you plan on pulling an RV (trailer or fifth wheel) it is an altogether different pulling requirement and experience from pulling a boat, cargo trailer, ect...The frontal area will act like a big sail going down the road. Many folks new to towing RVs do not understand the difference and could buy a tow vehicle that is undersized.
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