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FS Performance Friction 2 Piece Brake Rotors For 1999-04 Superdutys

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If anyone is interested, we have two sets of the Performance Friction
1999-2004 Excursion/F250 SuperDuty 4x4/F350 SuperDuty 4x4 front brake rotors available for $400.00 per set. They currently list for $626.62. These brake rotors are a motorsports inspired two piece floating rotor that are designed to eliminated vibration, reduces heat transfer to hub, and reduces drag. They are also Cryogenically Treated with our proprietary cryo process. We are selling them at this price because we have had them in our inventory for too long. We would consider stocking them if their was enough interest.
These are probably the best brake rotors money can buy for the Ford SuperDuty truck and at this price you certainly can't go wrong.

Since they are not listed on our website contact me at 888-323-8456 or just send me over a private message if your interested.


John Brick


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