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Fuel Cackle/Knock

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Would it be possible to do a survey as on the home page that would Survey 1999-2000 PSD's that exibit the "knock" problem. It would be interesting as to the percentage of owners who have this problem. My 1999.0 truck runs like a sweet sewing machine but my new 2000 Excursion Limited $$$ knocks like an engine ready to die.

Thank You

99.0 F350 CC DRW
6 speed 3.73, stock
Built 3/98 del 5/98
2000Excursion Limited 3.73LS Stock
Built 9/99 Del. 10/99
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How would you describe the sound exactly and I'll add that as the new survey.


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1997 F-250 PSD 5-speed Banks Stinger-Plus
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