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Fuel Filter lite on

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OK, I have changed the Fuel pump and have 40 to 55 psi now and added fuel socks to both tanks and no junk/gunk in tanks. Fuel filter has been replaced. Also had a bad fuel tank selector valve and replaced it. CPS was replaced as it was failing when hot. Fuel lines from pump to filter were replaced too. But under heavy Excelleration the dam lite come on still. Replaced hose clamps too. What am I missing? The first pump I installed was bad on the 2nd stage, so it was running poorly and once replaced the truck ran great at idle and on flat ground and up to 60mph, after that and on hills the lite comes on and eventually turns solid. I have not let it stall out, but it does recover and turn off fast once I slow down or pull off the road. Truck is all stock and no aftermarket gauges. It is a 1995 F250 with 230k miles on it.

Thank and I have searched other threads but have not seen anything of help after replacing the fuel pump and sensors. which has been done. But with that said I could have missed it, especially with all the rabbit holes!!
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Are your tanks below 1/3 when this happens? Might be pickup tube in tank if so. My rear tank is doing this currently...

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No, they are both full, that was how I figured out the valve was bad, it sucked one tank dry and then the tank provided air! It was the perfect storm of failing parts all at once. I'm wondering if the switch in the cab could cause the valve to "hang" up between front and rear tank causing the restriction. It's been too hot (100 plus) outside to really work on finding the problem. But I will get it working and post what it was.
I've never seen the selector switch cause the valve to hang up. The usual scenario would be trash in the system (say from failing shower head pickups)). Cheers!
Kind of what I was thinking but had to ask!!
well after a heat wave and cancer treatment side affects I have been able to find the problem. It was the fuel line/hose from the frame to engine that was sucking air!
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