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Fuel leak

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I noticed a small pool of diesel under the passenger side a couple weeks ago. I checked the fuel bowl lever and all seemed fine. Drove without any issues over the last 2 weeks.

Yesterday the cab had a strong diesel smell. I noticed a ton of diesel under the wheel well on the passenger side, down the side of truck etc. I must have been dumping a good amount when driving.

Checked the fuel line under pedestal and dry. Checked fuel bowl and dry. Checked the drain tube off the fuel bowl and is wet. Not sure if fuel is coming out the drain valve or from somewhere else where the hose sits.

My fuel gauge is usually 55psi and it drops dramatically when I get on it. This morning was running around 48psi and then 20's on flat surfaces. If under load or hill, it drops into the high teens (18-19) psi.

Purchased the fuel bowl replacement parts and will replace the fuel filter tonight.

Is there another location I should be checking?
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Another possible leak spot is the fitting going into the back of the passenger side head. It has a rubber ferrule compression fitting there that's a bugger to get at.
But if your drain tube is wet, that's likely the spot. As Oneof6 suggested, a drain valve rebuild or replacement will fix it up.
Don't know how much you paid for the valve, but I bought some bunaN o-rings from the plumbing shop probably 10 years ago when my drain valve started leaking, and they're still in good shape. They cost me about 50c each.
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