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Fuel mileage question.

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Hey guys, I'm curious about my poor fuel mileage, and if I have some underlying problem causing it or if it's just normal.
2008 f350 srw. Guessing it's geared 4:10? Straight piped. Egr completely deleted. Sct x4 tuner with custom tunes from a local shop. They said the race tune would give the best results but I usually run the tow tune since I'm pulling daily. Running 315/70-r17 all terrains with a leveling kit.
If I baby it in the race tune no trailer I get 12-13mpg, pulling in a tow tune or being a little more aggressive with the gas pedal in the race tune I get about 10-11.
Is this normal? I figured a programmed and deleted diesel should get at least 15. Poor injectors or something? New to diesels so I'm very ignorant here. Would appreciate any input.
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deleted 08 drw I average 12-13 towing or not
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