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Fuel Pressure dropping

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I have an 05 6.0 with 160,000 miles on it that the fuel pressure was about 45 psi at idle and went below 40 under load. I installed a blue spring kit and the pressure at first was about 65 psi and fairly steady even under load. All is good. Now after a couple months the pressure has dropped to 40 at idle and the auto meter gauge I have installed fluctuates constantly. Filters were changed about 10,000 miles ago. Truck runs good, no power loss and no codes. Just lower fuel pressure. Any ideas?
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From a Parker-Racor design resource:

The fuel pump design point is 29 gph fuel flow at 60 psig, which is just over a half a pint in 10 seconds - so it shouldn't take long to fill the bowl or a graduated cylinder.

It could pump as much as 35 gph with clean primary filters.
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