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Fuel Pressure Sensor help

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I just had the ICP regulator replaced, "FP" was 46psi according to the shop (the first time my baby has ever been in any other shop than my own). I am wanting to do the "blue spring" upgrade, but want to install a FP gauge. What are some suggestions as far as brand, digital, analog, and where to install the sensor.
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The place to connect your sensor is shown clearly in the pic below.
Thanks for the pic goes to Band_Member, borrowed from his thread for installing the upgraded fuel pressure regulator "blue" spring.

It is the "allen head" screw/plug to the left of the new cover. You will need to order yourself the right adapter, then get either a sensor or run an isolator. The isolator will keep the fuel under the hood, so you won't have to run it into the cab. I suggest this place for your gauges, call him and talk to him if you have ANY questions. Awesome guy that REALLY knows his stuff as far as gauges. Also, on his site he has installation instructions for just about any gauge. Check him out.
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