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Fuel Pressure Tester

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Hello, Well I am just wondering what fuel pressure testers are used on our 7.3's. The reason I ask is because I bought a actron model cp7838. It says never us on a diesel. Now I understand that I will not be connecting to a actual fuel rail like on my 302, but the gauge I have is up to 100 psi and our fuel systems stock should be around 50-55 psi. I guess I am missing something here. Any thoughts. Jeremy
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It will work but you need to flush it on a gas engine or the diesel will eat it up. You can take the hose off it to utilize the end and then attach it to a longer hose that will reach up to the driver's window so you can test it going down the road. Attach other end to a hydraulic pressure gauge like ones used on spraying equipment.
I think the one he is talking about is in the $20s but has that end that goes into the Schrader valve and can be used on a gasser. RT. Is correct oil pressure gauges can be had cheap. I use one for spray equipment, is glycerine filled and was less than $20. I got it a Napa and believe it's a SprayPro
You have a tool that you can use on a gasser but more importantly you have that hose with the Schrader end on it.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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