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Fuel Pressure ? ? ?

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I just installed a electric fuel pressure gauge. Having read before that the stock pressure is around 53 psi, and some are "adjusting" the fuel pressure via shimming or regulator to 60~70 psi.

I have a TS Performance chip and Garrert GTP38R turbo. I no fuel system upgrades (regulator/ fuel system return/ injectors) and my gauges reads ~60 psi on idle/ light load. It will drop to ~50 psi under WFO.

Where do I need to have my fuel pressure set?
Higher than 60 psi?
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CAT, who designed and was the original supplier of the HEUI injectors used in our truck, said 68 psi.
I would shoot for 68 to 72 psi at idle. Make sure that the pressure is not calibrated while the glow plugs are on ie., first couple of minutes. The voltage drop due to the current going to the glow plugs decreases the output of the pump.
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