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Fuel problem

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i have a 1984 f350 2wd. replaced the engine in 2011. after having injector pump problems; a new problem developed. The truck will start and run fine, plenty of power etc. after driving for maybe 5-10 minutes, the engine will surge (like the metering valve sticks wide open) for a few seconds. within 20 seconds the truck will start to lose power and the engine will shut off. The truck will turn over, no smoke is coming out of the exhaust. When i take the fuel filter off, it is empty of fuel. I have replaced every component on the fuel delivery system, including fuel lines and clamps. This problem occurs on both tanks, and when it starts back up, it will reoccur within 5 minutes. I have now installed an electric fuel pump that helps it from stalling, but has not solved the problem.
Does anybody have any idea what is going on? I have puzzled many auto techs in the area. PLEASE HELP
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Check your fuel pressure and flow rate at the Shraeder valve on the filter if your '84 has one. Could be anything from a restricted fuel filter to a stuck tank switching valve. Make sure your tanks have a way to breathe and can't form a vacuum due to wrong tank caps or no tank vent.
If it was the schrader valve, would he not experience this trouble within the first couple of minutes of start up after sitting over night or for a long period of time?
You do the CHECKING at the Shrader valve, where else??
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