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Fuel problem

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i have a 1984 f350 2wd. replaced the engine in 2011. after having injector pump problems; a new problem developed. The truck will start and run fine, plenty of power etc. after driving for maybe 5-10 minutes, the engine will surge (like the metering valve sticks wide open) for a few seconds. within 20 seconds the truck will start to lose power and the engine will shut off. The truck will turn over, no smoke is coming out of the exhaust. When i take the fuel filter off, it is empty of fuel. I have replaced every component on the fuel delivery system, including fuel lines and clamps. This problem occurs on both tanks, and when it starts back up, it will reoccur within 5 minutes. I have now installed an electric fuel pump that helps it from stalling, but has not solved the problem.
Does anybody have any idea what is going on? I have puzzled many auto techs in the area. PLEASE HELP
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guys, the fuel filter flange has been replaced; also using a different fuel filter (napa 4008 i think). Also have replaced the mechanical fuel pump with an electric one that has a little higher pressure and i think the same flow rate. This problem exists on both tanks, however as of late it is worse on the front tank. At this time both tanks are more than half full. Don't know when the change was, but the vent on the top of the tank is just that; no hoses attached. have never noticed a vacuum in the tanks.
One auto tech said it sounded like a fuel line was collapsing, but all rubber lines have been replaced. Any suggestions? ? ?
nothing is wet anywhere on the fuel delivery. have gone over it with a bright lite and a clean towel at least 2x.
no schrader valve on the new flange. front tank has been out, pickup tube was replaced. nothing has been done to the rear tank yet.
guys, would the injector kit that connects the injectors together possibly be sucking air and it returning to the filter?? the engine came from Jasper; they put a used pump on it, maybe the injectors and connecting hoses were used also.
water separator was removed years ago
the engine will lose power and stop running while driving. if it sits long enough idling, it will shut down. every time the filter has been drained.

yes it started on both tanks and still occurs today.

when i take the caps off i have never noticed a vacuum. i will try running with them off and see.

i still have the OEM filter flange. have thought about putting it back on.

As of Nov 6 after talking to a couple of farmers in the area, they said I have to put the electric pump back on and change the fuel line to 1/2". did that, ran better, then went and filled the auxiliary tank up, drove it for about 10 miles and . . . . . NO MORE PROBLEMS! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
fires up, purrs like a kitten, plenty of power.

just wanted to let ya'll know
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