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Fuel Pump Pressure/Mileage/Pump Leak

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Checked my fuel pressure today. Got a 3ft piece of hose with 1/8" NPT fittings on both ends. Attached the gauge to one end and put the other in place of the schrader valve. Have the gauge 3 ft away really balances out the fuel pressure much better than be 1 ft away (I dont have a liquid filled gauge). The truck runs 49-56 PSI at idle.

I duct taped the gauge to the windshield and went for a ride. The truck was empty but even when I went from stopped to WOT the pressure did not drop to 0. The faster the engine spins the more erractic the gauge is.

It also seems that I have developed a fuel leak in the "valley of death". Still watching to see it if is actually leaking. My mileage is also dropping used to be a 16 MPG towing and now its down to 12 MPG. Empty the best I can get it about 15-16 driving like an old lady. The truck would get 17+ MPG easy when I got it 2 years ago and I didnt have to watch how I drove it. I cleaned the FPR screen a few month ago and it was pretty dirty. I should check it again.

How bad will a leak from the pump make the fuel mileage? Can a pump with good pressure still be on its way out? Got to change the fuel filter and oil soon. I'm hoping it will help jump the MPG back to where it should be.

Any ideas? Other things that would cause a MPG drop? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gif


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