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Fuel Pump Won't Run cant find Inertia Sw!

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97 F250HD, had a bad cps, replaced then truck would not start trys to start shooting WD40 down instake. DO NOT hear the fuel pump kick in when key is turned on! Have not been able to find the Inertia Switch in either kick panel. See pics!!!! HELPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!


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The filter housing should fill up when you crank the engine over. If it isn't you may have a bad fuel pump, an empty fuel tank and or a bad selector switch. And yes the fuel pump is mechanical and is located behind the filter housing by the turbo.
The inertia switch is in place for vehicles that have a electric fuel pump in case there is a wreck it will shut off the fuel supply. You truck has a mechanical fuel pump and no inertia switch.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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