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Fuel Pump Won't Run cant find Inertia Sw!

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97 F250HD, had a bad cps, replaced then truck would not start trys to start shooting WD40 down instake. DO NOT hear the fuel pump kick in when key is turned on! Have not been able to find the Inertia Switch in either kick panel. See pics!!!! HELPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!


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Ok lets try this.... Used to hear a whirring for a few seconds when the key turned on, but not all the way to start. No longer here the whirring. Since the pump is mechanical and I have yet to find the inertia switch, could the inertia switch cause the fuel selector on the frame trail to not work? I have 5 gals in the rear tank, but dont think it is getting anything........
Ok there is one shown in the chiltons wiring diagrams.... That is why I am trying to isolate. Does the fuel selector valve run each time you get ready to start, selecting each time which tank? Could it be stuck causing the no fuel issue? Or not being powered ?
if you could on the schematics. Probably more accurate than chiltons!
ok the tank selector valve is working....... have 5 gals in rear tank
Replaced CPS, doe show on Tach, fuel bowl is empty, am going to get more fuel and put some into the filter housing and go from there. Starting to think the Fuel Pump might have taken a crap while sitting for 2 years.
Arrg what a day, starter would not engage or turn so thought the starter/solenoid went bad pulled out had checked and is good. Filled fuel bowl, engine turns over, movement on Tach, shows oil pressure while cranking, after turning over for a few minutes engine tries to fire, picking up a little bit of rpm but not enough it seems. Continued cranking, started blowing white smoke, then had some black then white/gray... Not sure what else to do. Will put charger on and try again tomorrow. Any ideas what else I can try?
She is getting fuel, but smoking and not really catching. Wondering if there is something else I need to do or what. Will try it again tonight in a few hours.
1 - 8 of 14 Posts
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