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I have a 2011 F-250 with a 6.7 it quit on me this morning, Im looking for some info to lead me in the right direction. I was attemping to pass someone on the highway when the engine went into a derate, display lite up saying low engine power, and slight smoke came out the tail pipe while trying to power through it, I slowly lost power and when I pull to the side of the road the engine quit, when attemping to restart the sound is still present but the engine will not attemp to start, my cide reader indicates low fuel rail pressure, i just happen to have fuel filters in the truck so i changed them with no affect. the engine will turn over like there is no tomorrow but it wont even attempt to start. Am I possibly looking at a injection pump failure, is it a common failure or am I over looking something simple? Any info wiuld be a great help.
I was informed that if my rear exhaust sensor failed it will kill the engine, does anyone know if that system controls my fuel regulator and prevent fuel to build pressure?????????:frown2:

I used a scan tool to look at the live data, command pressure is approx. 4300psi, when cranking it climbs to 5200+- psi, but rail pressure stays at 311psi, I tried other things watching any available injector info change but nothing changed, so my question is What would be my next step??? So should I be looking at the fuel regulator, injectors or a failed HPFP????? Since items are pricy and I have never went deep into a 6.7 before and do not want to start throwing parts at it.
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