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Fuel Stops in Ontario

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I am going to be trailering to a horse show in Ontario, CANADA next weekend. I am trying to locate some reputable fuel vendors in the Great White North. Any suggestions? Travelling from Ann Arbor, MI to Collingwood, Ontario. I will be sticking to the major highways through London and then head North through Guelph etc. Any suggestions from the Canucks on these forums would be greatly appreciated.
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Thanx for your swift response. I have not been driving in Canada for nearly 20 years. I had planned on hitting the Flying J in London but needed something to fill up in Collingwood. It is something of a resort destination on Georgian Bay so I am sure they will have fuel. Just needed a few names of reliable vendors.

On edit: Checking the Husky site online shows a London ON fuel stop but nothing further North. Any other suggestions?
You're not kidding. Noted in todays paper that the exchange rate was $.91US for $1.00 Canadian. That's a far cry from the last time I was in Canada, sailing in the Gulf Islands of BC. I think it was about $.65 to a dollar then. I am hoping all that Athabascan (sp?) tar sand drives your petroleum prices down. LOL.
It has been a while since I have been in that area as well, but I would assume you will be traveling up the 401 to 400 through Barrie to get to collingwood.

[/ QUOTE ]Actually, I will be on 401 to Kitchener and then 24/10 through Guelph. I think going through Barrie takes me out of my way to the East even though the roads may be better.
Thanx. Here in the States, there are lots of smaller self service stations that will have one pump for diesel and they might go through a tanker full once a month. I prefer to fill up at truck stops that have the tank cars lined up filling the tanks. My preferred local stop goes through 11 tank cars a day!
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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