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Fuel Stops in Ontario

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I am going to be trailering to a horse show in Ontario, CANADA next weekend. I am trying to locate some reputable fuel vendors in the Great White North. Any suggestions? Travelling from Ann Arbor, MI to Collingwood, Ontario. I will be sticking to the major highways through London and then head North through Guelph etc. Any suggestions from the Canucks on these forums would be greatly appreciated.
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I have not had ANY problems with Diesel fuel from the Petro Can stations I buy my fuel from across Canada. Usually if a station is offering Diesel here, it will be good quality as they would not be selling it if it did not sell in Quantity. I think you can be very comfortable in using any fuel you find on your trip. JMHO /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/warmsmile.gif

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